Affordable Art & Wooden Jewellery Starts At INR 100 At This Market

    Janpath, Delhi

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’ve been in Delhi for a while and haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve definitely been to Janpath. Next time, stop at the Tibetan Market which comprises a strip of road just before you enter the main market and sells a myriad of handicrafts and accessories.

    From sound bowls to wooden dragons, this is where to get your hands on affordable and authentic Tibetan home decor. It’s also a great spot for some art hunting. Thangka paintings (these usually depict old gods and goddesses) will bring warmth to the barest of drawing rooms. Don’t forget to pick up a tribal mask or two.

    Not really looking for home solutions? Browse through antique brass anklets, silver earrings and wooden necklaces and bracelets. Chances are you’l find a unique design and own something one-of-a-kind. These start as low as INR 100! Oh, and the collection of footwear there is something that you will never forget.

    PS: You can visit this market with your friends or family and you will certainly have the best time.

    What Could Be Better

    You'll have to brush up your haggling skills to get the best price for the products here.

    Pro Tip

    - There are a number of shops, but if you’re low on time, we’d say, head straight to shop no 17 and 22. They rarely disappoint.

    - Make sure to bargain.

    - Try visiting during morning hours or late in the evening for best deals.

    - The nearest metro station is Janpath metro station located on the violet line. 

    - The market usually starts around 11 AM and winds up by 8:30 PM.

    - It is closed on Sunday.

      Janpath, Delhi