Want Tibetan Or Nepalese On A Budget? This Tiny Gem Has Stood The Test Of Time

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There’s little rivaling MKT when it comes to Tibetan restaurants but in an age where even the most authentic restaurants in the vicinity have succumbed to the pressure of popular {mostly North Indian/Chinjabi} cuisines, we were delighted to find that Tee-Dee still stands strong to its promise of affordable and proudly local. 

Rice Above The Rest

Unlike many other places, it’s not very difficult to spot Tee-Dee thanks to its bright green exterior and yellow lamp posts. We say, take that flight of steps right up… We did last weekend and found spicy, comforting Tibetan food that left our stomachs and pockets really happy.

The carnivores ordered Buff Chilli and Sliced Pork with Mushrooms with Egg Fried Rice. The vegetarian with a small appetite stuck to Kothe. First off, the buff was smokey and slathered with a hot and sweet sticky sauce, best for people who like their food really spicy. Sliced Pork with Mushrooms had lovely, tender meat with mild gravy that brought out the mushroom flavour really well. 

Now, if you’ve got a Chinjabi-loving side, you’ll enjoy the Egg Fried Rice that pairs will with their fiery chilli garlic chutney. And where do we begin about the lightly pan-fried veg Kothe? They are a culmination of our comfort food dreams.

If you find the variety too overwhelming, head straight to Shabalay {mutton one’s a winner} or the thalis.

So, We're Saying...

Tee-Dee does have a small selection of North Indian because hey, they gotta appease the occasional paneer and daal seekers who come by but we honestly think it’s a very abysmal version of the real deal. So if you do go here, go here for local delicacies only.

Also, if you’re craving a cold chocolate {we were after all the walking around in the heat}, make sure you tell them to go easy on the sugar. We had to send the cute umbrella-laden glass back for a generous dose of milk to undercut the sweetness.


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