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Surprises Done Right: Ice Cream Trucks, Balloons & Private Heritage Walks

Rene posted on 13th June

Ten-Second Takeaway

A little over a year ago, sisters-in-law, Tanvi and Sonakshi Kataruka, started Tickled Pink, a customised gifting and experiences service for everyone who dares to surprise bae beyond roses, wine and dinners. And God, no stuffed teddy bears here.

Everything Goes According To Plan?

Forgot your girlfriend’s birthday? Or worse, just couldn’t make that surprise party happen? You don’t need to feel like a horrible person.

Not all of us are born with a creative gene and expert execution skills. This is why you should leave surprises to those who can plan it for you. Thankfully, for us, Tickled Pink has dealt with lovesick, downright crazy and sometimes utterly confused clients, making them rich {and efficient} in the experience department.

Their sturdy network of vendors, restaurants and spas all over makes sure that they’re well equipped to service the most demanding boys and girls. Sigh. Of. Relief.

So, Can They Make Anything Happen?

Yes… Mostly everything.

A dinner under the stars, a pottery class for your beloved, a rock climbing session without any roadblocks, a private heritage walk {or belly dancing, ahem}, a balloon-laden rickshaw to take them on a ride… just hit them up with a brief and they’ll make it possible.

For example, they created a London telephone booth bedecked with fairy lights, all for a client’s SO who loved London, fairy lights and a dinner date under the stars.

So, We’re Saying…

Gifts, experiences, party favours or a figment of your imagination, it’s time to get innovative. See all your options here

Side note: The experiences are available only in Delhi and NCR, while the gifts can be shipped all over India. We heart this!

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