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Tired Of All Your Regular Bars? This One Lets You Bid For Your Drinks & Has Apple Jalebis On The Menu


    Looking for a new bar to hit after a grueling day? How about you try a bidding bar instead? Yes, Gurgaon has its first ever, bidding bar open at Sector 29.

    How Does It Work?

    Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar has implemented a unique system of bidding and ordering drinks through their own mobile app. Take along a large bunch of your buddies and bid it out with the quirky Agent Jack, who decides if your alcohol bid is worthy or not. A twist on the usual stock exchange bars, this. Surprisingly, regardless of the highest bids, you actually end up spending less, making this place a favorite on our list!

    Butter Chicken Rolls And Green Apple Jalebis?

    In addition to their wide variety of fresh beer, this microbrewery has a fun food menu. For all you meat lovers, we suggest you try their Butter Chicken Rolls, Thaitanic and Thalaiva Jolly! For vegetarians, we recommend their lip-smacking Arab Street Platter and Jack’s Secret Platter. Wrap up your meal with their delicious blueberry cheesecake or if you’re feeling adventurous, their green apple jalebi!

    So We're Saying...

    Take your buddies here for your next night out. Happy bidding!