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To The Winner! | LBB and Poster Gully's #IconicDelhi Winner

Editors posted on 3rd September

We asked if you were good with your hands, and your imagination. And contrary to your brethren {and the city's reputation}, you Delhi and Gurgaonwaalas didn't disappoint.

For the uninitiated, LBB and Poster Gully came together to give you a chance to express your relationship with the Capital. We asked what, in your opinion, makes Delhi iconic. We gave you the freedom to use any creative medium {a photograph, a graphic, a sketch}, to capture in one single entry, the essence of the city. The winner was promised his/her image printed on merchandise, courtesy Poster Gully, and 2 tickets to an LBB event of choice.

From photographs of India Gate at sunset and renegade art in all our avant garde villages, to graphic designers who took to creating a memory from scratch, and snapshots of the people that make this city special - we received them all, each one telling a story of a different sub culture of the Capital, and each one from a different point of view. Having us all unanimously at hello with his time-lapse image of the city's changing night life, photographer Vivek Pant captured the city's diverse landscape, and our hearts, if we're being dramatic.

Besides the obvious beauty of the image, we at LBB and Poster Gully were enthralled by the representation of the unassuming activity on the NH-8, signs we take for granted, and humdrum we've come to associate it with, given we're always battling traffic. More so, given the all pervasive Delhi Gurgaon battle, the NH-8 has come to be a lifeline, and representative of our almost recent Delhi NCR chapter. Although it's hard to capture one thing that's iconic about Delhi, this is one step in being inclusive and owning the NCR suffix.

Originally from Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, Vivek Pant has been a Delhi resident for 6 years, and works at Uncommon Sense films as a photographer and cinematographer. On an assignment attempting to capture Batman's introduction to the capital city {fiction, he's not coming}, he captured this time lapse image of Mahipalpur's flashing lights, pedestrian traffic, and the umpteen cars. Batman may never come to the NH-8 {imagine the traffic}, but merchandise with this stunning visual will! Major congratulations to Vivek Pant from the crew at LBB and Poster Gully, on sharing his opinion on what makes Delhi Iconic. Also, big shout out to all the wonderful Delhi and Gurgaonwaalas who sent in entries, and shared their #IconicDelhi moments.


Now, if we can all just get along. Kidding.

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