Carry These Travel-Sized Beauty Essentials With You On Your Next Holiday

Hauterfly posted on 03 June

It’s holiday season, which means at some point, you are going to take a break from your regular life and treat yourself to a vacation. Even if it’s just a mini weekend getaway, it’s probably the one good thing that you’re looking forward to.

If you’re a light packer, you know that essentials are everything and you’ve probably already accepted the fact that you need to pick your favourites. However, if you can’t choose, bite-sized minis are lifesavers!

These travel essentials will fulfill your basic holiday skincare and haircare needs, without making your luggage too heavy.

For Your Face

Don’t let your holiday wreck havoc on your skincare regime – if you have sensitive skin, it isn’t ideal to use the hotel’s amenities. Thankfully, some skincare products are available in travel-sized versions of themselves, that are easy to carry.

Otherwise, online stores such as Amazon sell travel-friendly bottles that are reusable, so pump in some product and you’re ready to go!


Sunscreen isn’t an option – whether it’s super sunny or not. Make sure your skin isn’t directly exposed to sunlight — besides, getting really bad tan-lines, your holiday may cost you a whole lot of age-spots and fine lines.

P.S. Make sure your lip balm or chapstick has some SPF in it as well.

For Your Hair

Unfortunately, your hair doesn’t go on holiday when you do! Your hair is bound to get oily and greasy at some point. If you can carry the hair essentials around, then great. However, if you don’t really have a chance to rinse out those tresses, dry shampoo is your saviour.

If you’re around a beach, then make sure to spritz some serum or hairspray, just so that it’s manageable without your styling products and tools at hand.