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No Planning Needed: This Company Plans Surprise Trips For Every Kind Of Traveller


    Suck at planning? Can’t get the gang to agree on anything? Or just don’t have the time? Call Unpland, a travel company that curates surprise trips across India for every kind of traveller. They’ll zero in on the destination based on a quick form you fill up stating your budget and other important parameters.

    They're Great At Keeping Secrets...

    Let’s just say, surprises are a mixed bag. Sometimes you’ll be reduced to tears in a good way and other times, well… in a not so good way. But the Unpland peeps don’t leave things to chance. They have a great system in place to analyse your likes and travel goals based on a simple form. Expect all the right questions around your past holiday destinations, personality type, vacay partners and budget so they know they’re getting you the good kind of surprise. 

    Truth be told, it takes so much pressure off the whole booking process. Or the fact that bae might mistake your ideal beach holiday to be around an island where you find yourself sharing camp space with way too many tropical insects. So rejoice because no tiring paperwork or bad holiday plans will ever come in the way – this venture is all about putting well thought out itineraries {couch potatoes will never ever find ourselves trekking through a never-ending forest or vice versa}.

    ...Till 2-3 Days Before You Take Off

    After you’ve booked a trip, you can go back to being a corporate slave and leave all the background work to them. They’ll study your responses and make all the arrangements and just two or three days before you’ve got to leave, you’ll be treated to an envelope to put the best suspense movies to shame. It’ll tell you the exact time you’re supposed to open it and you’ll be good to follow through and flow with the planned itinerary.

    Rest assured that they’re equally good at planning both solo and big group trips. Their budget trips begin at INR4,000 and of course it’s great news for those whose dreams aren’t limited by a small stipend. If you want an indulgent vacation instead or want to go abroad, that’s possible as well.

    Read all about them on their website and maybe get ready to be surprised?