Real life, grit, glamour- it can be quite exhausting. Isn’t that why we take vacations? Peace and quiet, just being by nature and appreciating the simpler oddities of life is all it takes to rejuvenate the frenzied mind. On that note, we’re introducing the Botanix Nature Resort to you. A retreat just outside of Gurgaon, on the edge of Damdama Lake, it’s a divine property; perfect fit for that weekend getaway you’ve been planning for eons.

Set next to the Taj Gateway, it’s a stark contrast to its neighbour, though equally beautiful. Sporting an urban village feel, it’s made up entirely of tents {cemented ones, not to worry} and brick cottages, amidst which lies a refreshing swimming pool. Each room/cottage is simple in its decor, but they’ve made sure that you’ll be extremely comfortable. We all just want to be taken care of on a holiday, to be spoiled- which you can expect from them. The service is excellent, just the right amount of doting. You’ll feel like you’ve come home.

They’re self-sufficient so you can look forward to simple, delicious meals with the ingredients coming right out their garden! There are enormous farms adjacent to the resort, adding to the aura of peace. Leave behind all the sounds we’ve all gotten so used to- screeching cars, honking and revel in the calming sounds of the birds in the area. Strewn across the property, you can find hammocks tied to trees. May we suggest an afternoon of watching clouds?

Weekends are usually packed; they host a large amount of corporate teams for bonding exercises, using their obstacle courses. A basketball court, as well as an area to play cricket is also present, so you could always indulge in a little friendly competition.

Here’s what we suggest- grab a few of your close pals, your favorite giggle juice and take the weekend {or a few weekdays, if you can spare} for yourself. You’ll be raring to go after a stay at Botanix, that we can assure you.

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