Treat Your Cat With These Pawsome Pet Products We Found

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I recently adopted a kitten {her name is Dim Sum and she is two months old} and life has been a rollercoaster ride ever since. While this playful kiddo is full of energy and keeps finding new ways to amuse herself, I have been drained of all that I have in search of decent cat products.

Delhi pet shops have a lot to offer when it comes to dogs, but not much when it comes to cats and that can be rather disappointing.

So, here’s a list of products you can invest in if you have a cat—some are a bit on the expensive side, but then we only want the best for our babies, don’t we?

Trixie TX1 Automatic Food Dispenser

A battery operated sturdy dispenser, this one is perfect for pet parents who don’t want their hungry kitten meowing all around the house. All you need to do is set the timer according to your pet’s eating habits and the lid opens automatically.

The dispenser has a heavy and sturdy base which also ensures that your cat wouldn’t turn it over {cause they do get excited when they see food}.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: INR 1,915

2 In 1 Kitty Shack

This shack doubles up as a cat tube mat and bed, so your pet can chill on it, or just have a cosy enclosed space to sleep in. Its thermo-reflective core will keep your kitty warm and the fabric also traps any unwanted hair that she might be shedding. All in all, it is a win-win.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: INR 1,836

Catch Me Remote Control Cat Toy

Waving around a cat wand can get pretty tiring and this toy helps entertain your cat without all the effort. The toy is battery operated and works with a motor that whirls around the pole in an unpredictable manner so that it never gets boring for the cat.

We would recommend buying a few extra poles in case your cat really has her hunting game on point.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: INR 2,600

Cat Harness And Leash

Cats really aren’t the most harness-friendly creatures, but this comes in handy when you’re planning to take them out for a little playtime in the park. The harness can be secured around their body so they do not slip out of it, and is comfortable as it doesn’t irritate them or restrict movement.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 275

Whiskas Wet Meal

While it is best to include both wet and dry meals in your cat’s diet, a lot of hit and try got me to zero down on this specific product. Tuna somehow really works for cats and is super nutritious too. This product also helps reduce hairball formation so your cat gets the most nutrition out of her meal.

We’d recommend buying a few trial packs at first and seeing what your cat loves the most.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 120

Savic Nestor Cat Toilet

Open litter boxes can be real stinkers and are prone to spilling over {which is just the worst}—this one ensures a neatly designed and spacious area where you cat can poo in peace and it is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 1,900

PetSpot Cat Litter

A clay-based cat litter, this one is perfect for both kittens and adult cats. Not only is it super absorbent, but also helps reduce odour {if not cut it off completely}.

Easy clumping makes it super easy to clean and prevents wastage too.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 980

Play + Fill Cat Toy

The perfect toy for your act, this one comes with catnip that you can fill inside the faux mouse and secure with the velcro lining in it. This will keep your cat entertained for hours {Dim Sum believes it is a real mouse and plays hunting games with it}.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 255

Petmate Pet Kennel

A huge, ventilated two-door kennel, this is perfect for taking your pet around while not making them feel trapped. This kennel meets most airline travel requirements and is completely safe as the plastic walls are thick and the doors can be secured shut without any worry of the pet sneaking out {because cats can always find a way}.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 6,503

Deluxe Sisal Scratch Post

A 3 in 1 Sisal teaser and exerciser, this one is just the cutest scratching post you’d find online, and is superb too. The sisal plush fabric is comfortable and durable and the attached monkey head doubles up as a toy too.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 6,405


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