Tres Lodi Road Has A New Summer Menu & It's Absolutely Delightful!

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What Makes It Awesome?

We take our meals very seriously, and our recommendations, so when we say we had one of the best meals in a long time at Tres, Lodhi Colony, you know we were blown away. We were greeted by Chef Jatin Malik, who took us through their new summer menu and recommended options based on our preferences—and what recommendations they were! Chef Jatin believes "that the true mark of a chef lies in how he lends his talent and expertise to make the ingredients shine,” and it shows in the curated summer menu and wonderful and fresh everything was.
For drinks, we had some of their classic all-season cocktails and the summer special ones. We started with the Jamun ‘java plum’ Margarita, which had just the right notes of jamun—refreshing, chilled and perfectly spiced—and the Delhi 75, a classic that's made of vanilla, rose, gin prosecco and lemon. For small plates, we had the lettuce wrapped tacos with chicken, which was the perfect combination of zesty, fresh and meaty with jalepenos, alfredo beans, corriander salad, peppers, tomatoes and a succulent patty. We also had the grilled lamb keftas, and let us tell you, that the the curry leaf tahina yogurt is a bomb of flavour and you will definitely want to order another round of these. For vegetarian options, we recommend you try the avocado and moringa salad, which is refreshing and perfect to get your meal started with.
For main course, we had the chicken breast porcini and pulled lamb shoulder. The chicken came with a herb morel sauce, which was creamy and tangy and with a delightful umumi depth; the creamy mashed potatoes and fresh spinach are the perfect accompaniments. My friend had the lamb shoulder and the meat was so well cooked it melts in your mouth. The grilled pakchoy and miso aubergine were the perfect balance to the meaty lamb jus. We would also recommend their sizzling Himalayan trout and for vegetarians, the pan roasted zuchini is a chef favourite.
Even though there was no space at all left for us to eat anything more, given the hearty meal we had just had, there was no way we were skipping dessert. We had the homemade ice cream tasting platter, with mango and dark chocolate ice creams and raspberry sorbet and completely polished it off. The chocolate ice cream was rich and not too sweet, the mango ice cream was extremely fresh and the sorbet was light, tangy and fresh. If you're in the mood for something more decadent than ice cream, try their summer special mango passionfruit tart!
Tres has definitely become one of our favourites and we recommend you go and try their summer menu as soon as you can!

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