Here Are Some Of My Tried & Tested Hair Oil Brands For Hair Growth

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What Makes It Awesome

It’s strange but most of our traditional hair rituals have got a bad rep in modern India. Whether it’s oiling or applying henna, such practices are advised against by seasoned industry professionals. While they may have their own reasons, which are borne from experience, I think differently.

It’s my mum’s experience that has put me off hair colour forever, as she is severely allergic to even the safest hair colour options. Personally, I’ve found henna or indigo to be a much better option. But like all natural rituals both oiling and henna take time.

One of the positives about the lockdown is that we can do these things without needing to rush out of the door. In these last couple of months, I have been testing oils and hair masks and am pleased to inform you that you can get the best hair without breaking the bank. I mean I have got an in-salon ‘hair spa’ and wasn’t impressed. Why spend ₹1500 when you can get the same results at home with hair oil?

The trick is to dilute your shampoo with a little bit of water when you wash off the oil. By pre-mixing the shampoo and water you activate the foam, and the liquid, runny texture reaches every part of your scalp. This means you don’t need to over shampoo your hair.

These are my top picks for hair oil. The Sova Care ‘draksh and bitter orange flower oil’ is for those who cannot stand the smell of traditional oil. This smells like fresh-cut oranges and leaves the hair very soft with a blend of oils including sesame, almond, argan, macadamia, neem and more. The Kama Ayurveda ‘brigandi’ is an old favourite. I always have a bottle of this at hand because it really helps improve hair texture and reduce hair fall. The Soulflower ‘onion hair oil’ is the one to turn to if you’re facing a lot of hair loss. Within a couple of months you should see new hair growth sprouting out.


A cosmetic hoarder, product junkie, and beauty expert, Vasudha Rai has been writing on health and beauty for over a decade. She has served as the Beauty Director of leading women’s magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Good Housekeeping.