Ten-Second Takeaway

A lesser known, quaint terrace cafe located in the heart of Delhi, Triveni Terrace Cafe has a simplistic charm that is always wonderful.

Chow Down

Palak Patta Chaat, Chicken Biryani and Beetroot Halwa

Who Is It For?

Art lovers, fusion food enthusiasts, students, working professionals.


Simple, clean and welcoming – it is ideal for a hearty lunch post some museum stops in Central Delhi, It’s perfect for lazy winter afternoons.

What We Loved

The food was the highlight of our day out at Triveni Terrace Cafe, as it should be when one eats out. We loved everything that was brought to the table but couldn’t get enough of the Beetroot Halwa. It is an amazing take on the classic gajar ka halwa and we highly recommend it.

What adds to the experience is a great mix of people and a simple, welcoming atmosphere out on the terrace.

#LBBTip: The cafe is only open till 7pm so plan your visit around lunch!

Featured photo source: Triveni Terrace Cafe