Ten-Second Takeaway

Tucked away in the East of Kailash Community Centre, Al-Sheikh offers a mix of authentic Afghan and Old Delhi dishes at great prices. Run by an Afghan family, this place is a must try for meat lovers.

Chow Down

Chicken Do Pyaza, Afghani Mutton Kadai

Sip On

Fresh Lime Soda, Coke {avoid the water}

Winning For

Great taste, huge portions and authentic Afghanistani offerings

Step Into The Lair

The shop seems too small to have a seating space, let alone have another floor for it, but surprisingly, it does. Red seems to be the favourite colour here.

The joint has been set up with just the basics, and does not offer music or a great ambience, but it sure knows where to impress—and that is the food.

These Curries Are Cray

170816_Al-Sheikh1So the dry meat offerings here aren’t that great {specially for takeaway} but the curry options {ooooh}: They are just something else. Service here takes a little time since all the food is prepared fresh.

Chicken korma, Chicken Do Pyaza, mutton korma, mutton nihari and achari chicken are our top picks here, and even the Khamiri roti and sheermal score really well. It would be wise to skip the Chinese offerings here and opt for rolls when you’re looking for lighter meal options.

They offer six authentic Afghan offerings, and will soon be expanding the section into a full-fledged menu. We love the Afghani Mutton Kadai and Borani Badin Jan, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

All in all, a good alternative for those who love Old Delhi food but don’t like to make that much of an effort to actually go all the way.

So, We’re Thinking…

This gem caters to a whole bunch of office goers everyday {including us} and it’s time you check it out too. Ambience may not score big, but the food is bound to win your heart while not really pinching your pocket.

Photos: Anand Mohapatra/LBB