Men, Stock Up On This Brand's Printed Hipster Shirts

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Tuck N Stitch

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What Makes It Awesome

We understand that finding tees and shirts that look hipster, and are affordable is a task (believe us, we've tried). Hence, we made it one of our mini missions to find at least a handful of brands for all the distressed LBB users out there. Thankfully, we have been fairly successful and have come across brands like Tuck N Stitch during that search.

Tuck N Stitch is an online store that offers a range of tees and shirts in varying prints, colours and materials, and all of them are relatively affordable (hey, starting at INR 790 isn't too bad!). Are they hipster enough though? Well, they've got shirts with dragonfly prints, contrast stripes, those with printed sunglasses, boxy half sleeves shirts and many other options (priced between INR 1,000-1,200).

If cool, casual t-shirts are more of your style, do check out Tuck N Stitch's solid coloured tees in maroon, yellow, sea blue and grey colours. It has tees in half sleeves, full sleeves and even polo collars. Just FYI, the brand's apparel is comfy and breathable too.

Now that summer's almost here, what are you waiting for? Order a shirt (or two, or three) right away!


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