Ten-Second Takeaway

The Roseate Hotels & Resorts and The Roseate House have introduced a hand-picked selection of fine teas by TWG. Some you’ll recognise, and some will be a delicious surprise.

Steep Right In!


Expect to find Singapore Breakfast Tea, Silver Moon Tea, 1837 Black Tea, Geisha Blossom Tea, French Earl Grey Tea and Red of Africa Tea, and the one you absolutely cannot miss; the caramel tea. It’s possibly one of the most versatile teas in the entire collection and one that pairs perfectly with chocolate desserts, almost like coffee would.

The Wellbeing Group, better known as TWG is one of the world’s leading plantations and has a collection of over 800 single estate, fine harvests and tea blends. They launched their first tea house in Singapore and have since gone on to open many more in iconic locations like Harrod’s, Dean & Deluca, David Jones {Australia} and more. Being a supplier of premium teas to hotels and resorts across the world, they made their India debut at The Roseate.

Start The Par-tea

The tea menu at The Roseate has been designed with great care; they’ve kept the Indian palate in mind and selected only those blends that pair with cuisines and desserts available at their kitchens. They’ve also planned several tea-tasting sessions so gear up for gourmet teas to go with your next meal at The Roseate.

Photos courtesy: TWG Teas