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#OrderThis: Twigly Is Doing Food Delivery Right

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    We stumbled upon Twigly quite by accident, and have ordered multiple times since then. Hit them up for their sandwiches and the Mediterranean fare.


    They have a limited menu, but what they do offer, they do it well. Blindly order the Teriyaki grilled chicken; it comes with hummus and pita, and is one of our favourites.

    We’ve also had their Chicken & Chlorophyll Pesto pasta {order this only if you’re a fan of pesto}, and the Chicken Arrabbiata pasta, both of which we liked—they come with a huge slice of garlic bread; always a plus.

    Sand Which?

    They have a pretty vast range of sandwiches; we’ve tried the Turkey Melt, and the Pesto Chicken & Sundried Tomatoes, and the chicken came out the winner. We would recommend trying them all, though; it’s always good to hit and miss and hit again.

    So, We're Saying

    Give them a chance. You never know; they might become your favourite new place.

    Order online here.


    We were very excited by their Old Monk brownie, which unfortunately, let us down, so maybe don’t order dessert.

      Available Online