#OrderThis: Twigly Is Doing Food Delivery Right

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We stumbled upon Twigly quite by accident, and have ordered multiple times since then. Hit them up for their sandwiches and the Mediterranean fare.


They have a limited menu, but what they do offer, they do it well. Blindly order the Teriyaki grilled chicken; it comes with hummus and pita, and is one of our favourites.

We’ve also had their Chicken & Chlorophyll Pesto pasta {order this only if you’re a fan of pesto}, and the Chicken Arrabbiata pasta, both of which we liked—they come with a huge slice of garlic bread; always a plus.

Sand Which?

They have a pretty vast range of sandwiches; we’ve tried the Turkey Melt, and the Pesto Chicken & Sundried Tomatoes, and the chicken came out the winner. We would recommend trying them all, though; it’s always good to hit and miss and hit again.

So, We're Saying

Give them a chance. You never know; they might become your favourite new place.

Order online here.


We were very excited by their Old Monk brownie, which unfortunately, let us down, so maybe don’t order dessert.