Ten-Second Takeaway

If we had a dim sum for every time a new restaurant opened in Cyber Hub, we’d be rolling in the dough. Thankfully its newest entrant Twist, is all about them dim sums, along with small plates and a pretty great cocktail and wine menu.

Chow Down

Shrimp With A Twist, Bangkok Hilton, Truffle Edamame Dumpling

Sip On

Mennings Mimosa, Elderflower Bellini

Lowdown On The Ambience

twist-interiorTWIST offers two different settings for your varying moods. When you enter, you’ll see that the left side is dedicated to fine dining and the right side to a more chill bar ambience; the music is softer on the left side whereas loud beats rule the right side.

We’d say, go the fine dine way for lunch, and chill with a glass of wine in the evening in the bar area.

Tap{as} That

121016_twist2TWIST is also about tapas – a change from the way Chinese food is usually served in Delhi. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy three different kinds of gravies with your noodles.

We started with the Shrimp With A Twist, which is flour-coated shrimp doused in spicy mayonnaise served in a cocktail glass, and it proved to be an excellent starter. This was followed by the subtly sweet pork ribs – about four pieces to a plate.

#LBBTip: Whereas they’re calling them individual portions, we think they can be easily shared by two.

For mains, we chose Jasmine Sticky Rice as our base and paired it with the Bangkok Hilton – roast lamb with Thai herbs and fresh red chilli, which was a winner of a dish. Though we didn’t try it ourselves, the Ma Cheena Fish comes highly recommended.

They also do a dim sum lunch wherein you can order as many dim sums you can eat along with a soup and a dessert, for a mere INR 799.

So, We’re Saying…

TWIST is changing the way we eat Chinese in this city. We love that you can be a hardcore carnivore, go there with a vegetarian and still manage to eat exactly what you like, without compromising, and without wasting tonnes of food.

We’re also pretty happy with their Champagne-based cocktails, which they’ve done in interesting flavours without diluting the base and making it a sugary affair.

Photos courtesy: Twist