Two Cute This: Maya Ne Banaya’s Summer Dresses & Yummy Cookies

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Ten-Second Takeaway

All heart and little fuss, Mumbai-based Maya makes customised loosey-goosey dresses and bakes goodies in her kitchen including cookies, scones, cakes and granola {minus frills, swirls and blinding red food colouring}.

We’re Saying Atta-Girl

Maya Ne Banaya

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Maya’s journey from maida to maidens has been as free-flowing as her hemlines. She began baking from her Yari Road house’s teeny-weeny kitchen and nothing’s changed even after her cookies have gained loyalists across the city.

This brings us to the point that only Mumbai-based folks get to lay their hands on her asli makkhan waale love-filled chocolate chip cookies, Nutella cake and fresh breads. So we’re going to call you a bad friend if you stay in Delhi but don’t tell your Bombay peeps about her gluten-free hazlenut cake or lemon doughnut cake. To find out what she likes to/can whip up and take orders for, go here.

She’s honest about not wanting to do three-tiered fondants {or super-complicated cupcakes} because hey, she doesn’t like synthetic, bad-for-you flavour enhancers. So don’t be surprised if she politely turns down orders on these lines.

What’s In It For Us Delhi Peeps?

The dresses, guys.  

Let us take you through how this works. She stocks up on fabrics that catch her fancy and then lets people hit her up with ideas about what they want. If you like what she’s working with at the moment and have a design that you don’t want to leave on your everyday tailor, she’s gotta be your go-to girl.

She promises that everything made by her will be handmade, hipster and comfy. All these beauties then get home-delivered to you for an INR 100 shipping charge. Sounds like lala land? Go check out her clothes here.



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