Ujala Tikki Wala Makes The Aloo Tikki Just Right

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Ujala Tikki Wala has the crispiest and tangiest aloo tikki there is, with just the right crunch of onions.

Who Is It For?

Aloo Tikki snobs, who don’t like slushy aloos drenched in chutneys to make up for the lack of crunch, this is the place. They have delicious golgappas and bhalla papdis as well but Aloo Tikki is the king.


There’s not much seating to speak of. It has two tables or so which you can use just outside the shop. Perfect for the winter evening snack.

Must Try

Obviously, the aloo tikki; that crunch is hard to find. The chutneys have a really good balance, perfectly sweet and sour served with kaccha pyaaz {another winner} to add that extra crunch. Apart from the usual favorite, you can indulge in golgappas as well. They are pretty decent and must be in your list as well.

What Made Your Experience Awesome?

Very quick service, it is a very small shop but they manage it really well. The owner is a very polite guy and the staff is courteous and use proper hygiene in handling all food items {head caps and gloves}.


You might be able to find parking near St. Francis School and S.S Mota Singh School which is 100 meters away from the shop. If you’re lucky you’ll get to park closer. But I assure you it isn’t that big a hassle.


Just your regular foodie. I love all things spicy and hot, and never say no to beer and palak pakodas.