This Brand Makes Silver Jewellery, Edgy Art & Therapeutic Soaps Made By Indie Artists

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What Makes It Awesome

Unfactory is a collaborative space and online store comprising a crew of individuals who all come from varied backgrounds, with a common love for all things indie.

These folks have taken this very passion to create a space that gives access to a great curation of handmade, eclectic products from a range of categories—stationery, jewellery, home décor, accessories, skin and hair care, apparel, food, and more. No matter what they create, the overarching idea is to create something that doesn’t look like it’s mass or factory produced. 

Coming to what we like - Burst of Happyness for their handmade skincare products (starting at INR 260), Common Oxen for their wittily named soaps (starting at INR 170), Oya for their silver charms and rings (starting at INR 540), and StudioSMU for their chess and card inspired art prints (starting at INR 4,800). Most of these brands are not available anywhere else, so you will definitely find something rather unique for yourself here.

What Could Be Better

We would love to see them add more menswear options to the mix.


You could go the traditional way and explore via categories, but if you ask us, the best way to go is by their inventory of artists. That way you get a quick background on the artist, their label, and check their entire range of products.


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