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Unwind At Unwind With Salon Treatments, Snacks & Board Games


    Frequented by both frugal college students as well as the well-heeled aunty {and uncle}, this is a place where you can get relaxing massages, chill with friends, or try beating a rival at a board game while waiting for your appointment.

    Chow Down

    Grilled Egg-Mayo-Ham sandwich, Home-style Chicken Margherita pizza, Vegetarian desi tadka sandwich

    Sip On

    Cold coffee, Banana-Mint chocolate shake, fruit-based yoghurt smoothies

    Winning For

    Its affordability, quality products, large, comfy parlour chairs, cleanliness and beauty technicians who truly know how to do their job. You and your pals can enjoy a game or two of Jenga or Ludo in the adjoining café while sipping on a freshly brewed Americano.

    Neeti, the friendly owner, makes sure you get personal attention—she’ll also kick your butt at board games, btw. The biggest win: Their super self-indulgent Unwind Signature 75 minute manicures and pedicures; you’re going to want to get your hands {and feet} on these.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    Although located in a crowded spot in Saket, parking is available for customers. The first thing that strikes you as you enter are the multiple aquariums; Neeti is more than happy to update you on the café’s marine life {the fish aren’t on the menu, though unfortunately}.

    The parlour and café have a glass wall separating them {yes, they do have an area where patrons of the café can’t see you getting the hair on your upper lip removed}. They offer make-up and hair tutorials, and Ayurvedic massages are next on their list of services.

    What’s On The Menu?

    This place is ideal for when you want to get out of the house and meet with your friends, while catching up on ~essential~ beauty regimes. The home-style snacks are absolutely yummy and more importantly, fill your tummy. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one of Neeti’s mother’s freshly baked mini muffins along with your coffee or chai.

    We’re absolutely in love with their garlic bread egg sandwich with chicken ham, and a tasty dressing. Their triple decker sandwich is another highlight on the menu. Other than that, beating your opponent at a board game with your well-manicured hands is a pleasure in itself. Oh and did we mention the free Wi-Fi?


    Make an appointment before going, especially if you plan to head there on a weekend. Also, parking can be a bit of an issue in the evenings as the J Block market gets pretty crowded. And our biggest pet peeve: The blackcurrant iced-tea on the menu is rarely available.