Sustainability 101: 10 Brands Killing It At The Upcycling Game

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Upcycling as a concept is not new, however, it has become prominent only in recent times. With people becoming more inclined towards investing in things which are organic, recycled and upcycled, brands too are moving towards sustainability. And honestly, it's the only way to remain relevant. So, if you haven't already dived into the eco-conscious trends, here are a few incredible brands that are acing the upcycling game. 

Let's get started on our Carbon Footprints reduction journey?

Refash: For Sustainable Fashion


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Sustainable fashion is the style du jour and Refash is proof of that. This women-run brand proudly features and retails upcycled clothing, accessories, stationery and more. Dresses, shirts, jackets, notebooks, organisers - everything on their website is ethically sourced and created into contemporary pieces. Read more about the brand here. 

Price: INR 300 upwards 

Use Me Works: For Quirky Decor & Accessories

Use Me Works

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Upcycled and handmade rugs, geometrical coasters, patched wallets - women at Use Me Works transform each piece of waste into off-beat products. For instance, their Sashiko Denim Wallet (INR 1,400) is upcycled from fabric waste and portrays the beautiful Sashiko embroidery. Their recent collection also consists of 3 Ply Reusable Cotton Masks that come in gorgeous prints. Read more about the brand here.

Price: INR 210 onwards 

WonkyWorks: For Funky Decor


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WonkyWorks is a Vadodra-based brand that has one of the most stunning pieces of upcycled glassware, jewellery, vintage collectables and more. We're talking Platters made out of upcycled glass bottles, Mini Planter Fridge Magnets, an uber-cool Card Holder, quirkiest looking Wall Planters made with kiln-formed glass - you get the drill, right? My absolute favourite are the adorable Mini Wonka Bottles that come with typewritten messages. I'm elated to know that this brand too is led by a team of Wonderwomen. Read more about the brand here.

Price: INR 150 upwards 

Wasted: For Upbeat Lamps


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Add some (upcycled) light to your rooms with this brand's painted Bottled Lamps, string lights, coasters and jewellery too. If you belong to the Rum & Coke brigade, you'll love the artwork on Wasted's upcycled bottles of Old Monk. Also, you can shop for these beauties here on LBB! Read more about the brand here.

Price: INR 1,332 upwards

Design5 Studio: For Wooden Home & Kitchen Essentials


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A venture started back in 2006 by an artist, Design5 creatively and consciously upcycles and restores found objects. Based out of Shahpur Jat in Delhi, the studio predominantly retails upcycled wooden items like vintage furniture, kitchenware, home decor and so on. These are restored and then individually handpainted. If you're looking to elevate spaces in your home, you've gotta check them out. Read more about the brand here. 

Price: INR 450 upwards 

Grandma Would Approve: For Vintage Fashion

Working towards creating upcycled apparel in three categories (Vintage, Restored and Reconstructed), folks at Grandma Would Approve are redefining zero-waste fashion for us. And are doing a killer job at that. Be sure to find a lot of gender-neutral and extremely distinct pieces in their collection. Read more about the brand here

Price: INR 2,500 upwards 

Kareghar: For Offbeat Gifting


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Unique gifts made of metal scraps and discarded automobile parts? Sure, why not! Kareghar is a Mumbai-based brand that does desk accessories, home and kitchen essentials, funky looking lamps and so much more. Completely upcycled, these make for some great gifts as well. Read more about the brand here.

Price: INR 500 upwards 

Pitara Unboxcreativity: For Bags & Accessories

Based in Jaipur Rajasthan, Pitara was conceptualised as a brand to help you shop all things artisan made and upcycled. With a tagline that says "unbox creativity", Pitara's collection of exquisite bags and accessories are made entirely of discarded Indian textiles and sarees -- this gives each piece a distinct cultural style and appeal. From their collection, we absolutely love the zany and vibrant potli bags and the sling bags. Most of these pieces are also made of discarded leather, felt and jute. Apart from handcrafting all kinds of bags, they also make everyday accessories like bottle bags, laptop sleeves and passport holders. Read more about the brand here. 

Price: INR 500 upwards

Goli Soda: For Upcycled Stationery

Goli Soda

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Goli Soda is an out-and-out green and clean brand that's doing pretty cool things and creating even cooler products doing so. From sustainable menstrual cups to bamboo straws, probiotic shampoo bars and organic panty liners, they do it all and they do it consciously. The category we love shopping for most here is stationery, mainly the upcycled newspaper pencils, and haathi chaap paper notepads (made out of elephant poo!). These products replace the need for wooden pencils and paper made from trees! How cool. Read more about the brand here. 

Price: INR 150 upwards

Rejean: For Denim Everything

Rejean has one goal: to rejig an old pair of jeans to be a useful and also good-looking product. They collect waste denim fabric and upcycle them into stylish unisex bags (LBB has a good collection you can check out), coasters, bottle bags, pouches and charging pockets. They are constantly innovating with this material too (they made denim rakhis for Rakshabandhan) and diversifying their products too, so keep your eyes peeled to their social media handles. Read more about the brand here. 

Prices: INR 175 upwards


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