Oil’s Well That Cooks Well! Eat Right With Urvika Organics!

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What Makes It Awesome

Health on your mind? Well that’s all we’re thinking about these days and if there IS a chance to make healthy choices, why miss it? Urvika Organics is a new brand that’s come up with its splendid range of cold-pressed oils, and we can’t stop talking about it! Why? Well, let us tell you. Led by 2 awesome boss ladies, Urvika Organics’ sustainable, nourishing and holistic products not only support the local farmer community, but also provide a healthy alternative to refined oils. Available in 4 variants: Coconut, Groundnut, Sesame & Mustard, these cold-pressed oils are touted to be free from any harmful chemicals and preservatives, and are full of flavour and nutrients.

Urvika Organics’ products are remarkably different from other cold-pressed oils given that they are wood-pressed, as opposed to being organic-expeller pressed. They are also packed in glass bottles in contrast to the plastic bottles that are mostly available in the market. Ensuring quality isn’t compromised in any way, each batch of Urvika Organics’ products is tested for 212 heavy chemicals and pesticides. Urvika Organics’ oils carry both NPOP & NOP Certification, thus implying they’re fully traceable and do not undergo bleaching, deodorisation and chemical addition unlike refined oils. Given the pandemic, special care is being taken to ensure the products are hygienically handled and sanitised.

So, if you’re thinking of adopting a holistically healthy lifestyle, make sure you bookmark Urvika Organics!


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