Check Out This Cruelty Free Brand For Affordable (But Quality) Skincare

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What Makes It Awesome?

Vaunt has got great skincare products that I've ordinarily found to be more expensive with other brands, but are still very good quality. If you're a beauty junkie, you know the most crucial thing to invest in is skincare. It's why a bunch of us end up dropping major dollar on expensive products from the better brands—you can't (and shouldn't) f*ck with your skin.

But what I liked about Vaunt was that, despite looking like they were quite expensive (it's all that minimal white packaging, I think), they weren't. They have the qualities of an elite skincare brand—the products are well-packaged, cruelty free, organic and just really effective. I've tried their Watermelon + Seaweed Face Mist, Multivitamin Super Hydrator, Daisy Extract + Vit B Face Wash, and Vitamin C Water, and while I liked them all, I certainly had a favourite.

Their facewash, Vit C water and face mist were all quite nice, but it was their Multivitamin Super Hydrator that took the cake for me. I've been using about 2-3 drops of this water-based serum for around a week now (I mix it with a lotus gel, but you can also use it straight up) and I can already feel a difference (in that my skin is less flaky and dry than usual). For people that can't fathom spending thousands on a quality, expensive daily face serum, this will bode well for you.

What Could Be Better?

I wish they had a couple of on-ground stores as well. But their website is fairly navigable, and you can also get these quite easily on Vanity Wagon.