Walk Down Memory Lane At Maxim's In Kailash Colony Market

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For all things confectionery {cakes, tarts, mousses}, quick salads, on-the-go snacks and a range of imported products including non-alcoholic wines, chocolate syrups and spreads, give Maxim’s in Kailash Colony a visit.


Maxim’s sheer variety blows our minds each time we visit. Rows upon rows of cakes of all kinds stare at you, in all their prettiness.

The Choco Chip Pastry and the Irish Coffee Pastry are the most popular amongst regulars. They also do full cakes on order and are also open to dabbling in cake art at a fraction of the usual market cost.

Meats & Greens

We’d definitely recommend the on-the-go snacks here, particularly the seekh kebab roll.

If you like your kebabs but still want to add a dash of healthy to your meal, do try the non-vegetarian salads here. Chock-full of vegetables {dominated by bell peppers}, lettuce and bits of spicy seekh kebab, they’re great on the taste buds and on the waist.

Of Wine & {Chocolate} Bars

Maxim’s houses a variety of non-alcoholic wines in flavours such as strawberry, grape and peach which can add that sparkle to a regular home-cooked meal. They also keep a bunch of imported chocolates {Lindt, Hershey’s etc}, bread spreads and candy.

Although we wouldn’t give Maxim’s brownie points for the taste factor when it comes to their cakes, we’d have to say it’s one of the best student options in the city, or when you’re on a bit of a budget.

Price: Cakes start at INR 550 for half a kg


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