Volunteer At SPCA Noida To Do Your Bit For Your Four-Legged Friends

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What Makes It Awesome

Craving a furry four legged friend, but can’t keep one at home because you work late, travel often, don’t have domestic help or simply because your parents will throw a fit?

Volunteer at Society to Prevent Cruelty on Animals (SPCA) in Noida and get your invigorating dose of doggy licks and hugs as you do some good.

Spread out over more than 8 acres of land, it has almost over 1000 stray animals—about 500 dogs, and the rest accounted for by horses, cows, bulls and donkeys. This shelter is one of the largest of its kind. There are different sections for wounded, sick, abandoned, paralysed, maggot-infested and mangy dogs, along with separate sheds for horses, cows and bulls.

SPCA gets new members almost every day—strays who have been hit by cars, wounded in fights, infested with maggots, dogs abandoned by their families, thrown out of cars or left tied at gates, bulls rescued from slaughter houses and even horses rescued from farms.

The cost for running the place on a monthly basis is lakhs and lakhs of rupees. While the Uttar Pradesh government refunds a lot of the organisational expenses, it is individual contributions, along with corporate funding that ensures these animals receive regular food, medicines, and the required care.

How you can help out here is by carrying out various duties like feeding, bathing, playing with the animals and also helping out with their food and medical requirements, and even adopting a four-legged friend and giving him or her a better life.

So, instead of the same “eat, drink, party, sleep, repeat” grind every weekend, give volunteering here a shot. Come, spend time with these four legged vagabonds – give them a tickle or two and see how their wagging tails brighten up your weekend. You can also donate money!

Timings: 8am – 12am (Seven days a week). 


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