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Waffle Hut

Kamla Nagar
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Visit Waffle Hut In Kamla Nagar For Their Aam Papad & Pizza Waffles

Editors posted on 7th April

Ten-Second Takeaway

Swarming with college students, the Kamla Nagar market has a new entrant, called Waffle Hut, in a tiny by-lane. On the recommendation of a Delhi University student, one of our contributors decided to go foraging for waffles in the unlikely location.

The Once-Over

The place is small, cosy with vibes of a mom and pop store, which is a pleasant break from chain restaurants popping up all over the city.

The decor is nothing to write about, and the setting is minimal with an open kitchen. The walls are covered with paper napkin doodles–from confessions of love, sketches and portraits, to glowing recommendations of waffles—it was largely surprising to see so much creativity and humour on one single wall on the humble paper napkin. Why tissues? “Even JK Rowling conceptualised Harry Potter on a paper napkin!” says the owner.

Must Eat

The Nutella waffle, brownie waffle and the Choco-chip Blueberry Waffle. Their collection of waffles is extensive {and quirky} to say the least. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, go for the pizza waffle.

For the adventurous foodie, we’d recommend the Red Velvet Waffle which comes with whipped cream and white chocolate chips, and the Aam Papad Waffle, which is sure to annoy waffle connoisseurs. It’s so wrong, it’s almost right!

Must Drink

The focus of the menu seems to be mostly on waffles rather than beverages, so I recommend sticking to the cold coffee, or the ever-pleasing masala Coke and Limca shikanji. Their ‘desi’ hot coffee is exactly that – frothy and sugary. The coffee snob in us had to be suppressed.

What We Loved

The way the place smells, pocket-friendly pricing  and their serving sizes of a quarter, half or full waffle. The cooks are two lads from Bihar who have fallen in love with waffles, and according to the owners, they come up with unconventional ideas like making omelettes in the waffle iron themselves.

It seems to have become a dessert parlour, with loyal patrons who come in to have a waffle and/or a good conversation, and they go back happy campers.

What Didn’t Impress Us

The small number of seats. Large groups may find it difficult to find a place to sit, especially during the evening hours. The lack of fresh fruits on the menu made us a little wistful too.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Unlike most eateries in the city, this one is best visited on a weekend, when colleges in the DU campus are closed. Try and drop by during the first half of the day.

Anything Else?

If you aren’t a local, chances are you won’t be able to locate the place easily, so asking for directions is a good idea. Additionally, I recommend ordering a variety of quarter-sized waffles to sample a larger variety of waffles without really filling up, so you can go back and choose your favourites.

More Information

Waffle Hut

Dessert Parlours
Kamla Nagar

UB-29, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi

Waffle Hut

Kamla Nagar
Dessert Parlours