Waffle Lovers, This Newbie Is Doing 'Em With Granola, Keema & More

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Waffle Wallah, a new dessert joint in GK 1, is doing a variety of delicious waffles and rich shakes.

Great For

Sweet waffles, savoury waffles, thick shakes.

What Makes It Awesome

This new outlet is pretty new, and, if you frequent GK 1 M block market, you can spot their little yellow and white outlet right on the main road opposite the entrance. They've got a variety of sweet and savoury waffles, including a chicken keema waffle, pizza-topping waffle, peri peri mushroom and spinach for our vegetarian friends and a brekkie egg waffle. Apart from the usual Nutella and marshmallow, they have a fruit waffle with seasonal fruits, a granola and dry fruit waffle, We tried their chocolate overload (the name was so inviting), their salted caramel shake and the pizza topping waffle. We looked at the drinks section, and while the paan mojito didn't appeal to us, the salted caramel shake we ordered was excellent. Their chocolate overload is literally that—a fresh a waffle base topped with some brownie, Nutella, white chocolate chips and bits of chocolate all over. They've also got a waffle ice cream sundae that we heard was pretty popular, but we were too stuffed to try it during our visit. It's definitely on our list for next time.

What Could Be Better

Their presentation could be better—preferably as good as the waffles themselves.


Go in the morning; they have limited seating, and it's nice to sit at one of their tables and sit by the window on a rainy day with your waffle.

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