Wake Up & Smell The Coffee With Sleepy Owl's Cold Brews!

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What Makes It Awesome

In between working tirelessly from home and doing household chores, we do need that cup of coffee to keep us going. The brainchild of three friends, Sleepy Owl has amazing easy-to-store, cold and hot brew coffees that you can order online or get at any grocery store. 

They have Hot Brew coffee bags which come in two variants -original and dark roast. They're extremely easy to make, all you have to do is add some hot water, sugar and/or milk to your taste. The Cold Brew packs come in two flavours - dark roast and cinnamon. Unlike the Hot Brews, these require 12-24 hours to brew depending on how strong you want your coffee to be. Sleepy Owl’s coffees can be ordered off their website and they deliver within a day. It’s super convenient & the stock lasted me a whole week. The coffee is very smooth, can be had hot or cold and making it was very easy. The box comes with some recipes, in case you want to experiment. You can even mix it up with some gin and tonic and make yourself a yummy cocktail. I got myself a subscription so I get a box every week. It’s great for coffee addicts. We'd recommend you get yourself a subscription too if there's a mass or everyday coffee consumption involved. They deliver all across India so you can get your coffee fix no matter where you are.

Sleepy Owl has two more options for Cold Brews. The Bottle, which is a ready-to-drink cold coffee with milk and sugar and you can buy a pack of four bottles (INR 400) or twelve (INR 1,200). The other one is also a ready-to-drink, pure black coffee, The Box. It comes with a nozzle at the end and serves up to 10 cups of coffees. However, these two are only available for shipping in Delhi. 

Apart from the delicious coffees, you can also shop for cool Sleepy Owl cotton tees and enamel mug from their website.

Price: INR 300 onwards 


The coffee isn’t over when you think it is. Do make sure you cut open the box and get out that last cup. You can also shop for Sleepy Owl here on LBB!