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Weather's Getting Better: Explore The City With These Delhi Walking Tours

Ten-Second Takeaway

As thoroughbred Dilliwaalas, we know Delhi is, by no stretch of the imagination, walking friendly. Especially if you’re not familiar with the city, which means your reflexes are significantly slower than locals {blame it on the many surprises on the streets}. We recommend getting a professional to guide you through Delhi, and memory lanes. Here’s our pick of walking tours to get in touch with and to see the city on foot. Hey, what other city can promise stunning historical sights and a crash course on honing your reflexes?

Delhi Heritage Walks

Our top pick for guided tours, Delhi Heritage Walks curates and has pre-curated walks for travellers or locals in the mood for a re-introduction. They take you through the standard, popular neighbourhoods, and also give you the option of picking a neighbourhood you’re interested in seeing {and isn’t listed}, as well as picking the day, date and time you’d like to explore. If you’re a big group, and would like personal attention, get in touch for an exclusive walk. Besides the aforementioned features, you can also view their calendar and just book a walk online. If you’re a local who’d like to conduct the walk, get in touch with them. So far on their roster is Chandni Chowk, Hauz Khas, Lodi Garden, Mehrauli Archeological Park, Kashmiri Gate, Jama Masjid, Tughluqabad Fort, Old Fort, Mehrauli Village, Street food in Old Delhi, Northern Ridge, Kotla Firuz Shah, Jahanpanah & Begumpur, and Qutab Complex.

To view their calendar, and get in touch with them, click here.

Master Ji Kee Haveli

For a non-local, the title refers to the owner of a haveli, an old Indian style palace. Named after a bonafide Dilliwaala, and by that we mean the kind that grew up in a haveli in Old Delhi, their tours come with a number one seal from Trip Advisor. Their tours are a combination of walks and cycle rickshaws rides {must Delhi-do}, and they take your through streets, historical sights, and bazaars, and allow you to experience culinary treats. Their guided tours are run by old school Delhi folk, and so you can be sure of a super authentic experience. Tours are operational in Delhi, conducted in English, and range from half day to full day. Where the haveli is a plus point, is in terms of a complimentary meal at it! Their walks are restricted to Old Delhi and its surrounding areas, and there’s probably very few tour guides that know it better.

To book a tour, and get a full rate list, click here.

Delhi By Foot

Run by a rambunctious crew of ‘pakka Dilliwaalas‘ {hard-core Delhiites}, besides walks, they also undertake heritage conservation efforts, photo walks and photo exhibitions. With nearly a decade of walking experiences within Delhi, team DBF schedules walks every weekend, with a fixed start and end point. These include bazaars, streets and shrines of Delhi, the Qutub Minar complex, Tughlaqabad & Adilabad {Forts of Delhi}, Jahanpanah, Ferozshah Kotla Fort, Purana Qila and Humayun’s Tomb and Shahjahanabad; they also take you through the Revolt of 1857 and the Sufi culture in Delhi. Besides the Heritage walks, DBF also organises nature and eco-heritage Trails, with expert naturalists/nature specialists and bird and animal experts. They also have a food trail walk {for the adventurous foreigner} and cultural journeys through the city. If you’re a group, an organisation or a company, they’re happy to customise walks as extensions of their existing calendar.

To book a tour, and get the full lowdown, click here.

Delhi Walks

Delhi Walks further reiterate the fact that a city is best seen on foot. Sachin Bansal founded it with the intent of showcasing Delhi to world citizens in the best, most thorough way possible. They have walks for first timers, educational walks in museums, custom walks and more all in areas such as Lodhi Gardens, Tughlaqabad Fort, Hauz Khas, Lutyen’s Delhi, Connaught Place, Nizamuddin, and Old Delhi. All of these are in conjunction with Delhi Tourism & Transport Development Corporation, so whether you’re a seasoned resident, or a newbie, they’ll ensure you see the city right.

To view a full list of walks, click here.

1100 Walks

The 1100 is Delhi’s pin code prefix, just to give you an idea of where this is headed. Run by an art curator, they conduct walks around the city and also organise workshops on Indian Culture and the arts {cooking, art and music appreciation etc}. The heavy influence of art and culture is noticeable in the way their walks are curated. They’re based on festivals, designs, nature, religion, colour, water, and of course, history. If you’re visiting during a heavy festive month, which is pretty much 11 months of the year, a festival themed walk will give you great insight into the vibrancy and enthusiasm that is us. Their approach is different, but super interesting. There’s great joy in exploring Delhi through a quintessential Indian filter. Catch a water walk seeing lakes of Delhi, an urban village like Shahpur Jat, or a food walk through Paharganj, you’re bound to end up satisfied {and a little tired, but in a good way}.

To get the full list of walks, and to make a booking, click here.

Delhi Food Walks

Okay, so foreigners be slightly wary of the infamous Delhi Belly, and locals, what’s better than a tour dedicated to food. Tours are customised to meet your time and date preferences; they conduct weekly expeditions based on local fare, which include Old Delhi’s most celebrated joins, street food from Chandni Chowk, local delights in Kamala Nagar, a breakfast trail, dry fruit in a spice market, kebabslangar style dining, State bhawans, Tibetan treats at Majnu Ka Tila, Bengali fare, and on demand cooking classes to help better understand Indian Cuisine {there’s so much more we can’t possibly list}. There’s drool everywhere. Food walks have an endless supply of sanitiser {dont be scared} and bottled water, and experts who know their food and food culture. Because everything great started over food.

To view their full list of walks, and how you can grab a piece, click here.

Delhi Metro Walks

Surekha Narain conducts these walks personally, and after one too many features in publications around the world {Toronto Star, UK Daily Telegraph, New York Times Travel section}, you know she’s the real deal. Their walks are curated to create an awareness of Delhi’s built and natural heritage, and they’re over 30 walk routes across Delhi available. They hit all the popular spots, along with lesser known monuments and neighborhoods. Walks are carefully planned, timings are chosen based on area and weather, visual cues are accompaniments to give you an idea of what a neighborhood looked like in the past and you’ll find many an entertaining anecdote, only enriching the experience. They can also customise walks, and also offer theme and period walks.

To view their full list of walks, and to have one customised, click here.

The Delhi Tours

Covering the largest mosque in the city – Jama Masjid, the narrow lanes of Old Delhi, and the Kinari Bazaar in all their glory, The Delhi Tours has got it all down to a T. With local English speaking guides, air conditioned transport, and bottles of water in abundance, these guys will show you Delhi unlike ever before. The life pulsating through the heart of Delhi comes alive in this scintillating and educational walk as you get to see the bold capital through the eyes of a local. They also do culinary tours, museum tours, rickshaw tours through Old Delhi, and a spices and perfumes tour of Delhi {this one sounds awesome!}.

For all the info on walks and bookings, click here.