Walking Street by Soi7 Doing Beer & Asian Fare Right

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Walking Street by Soi7 houses several massive metal canisters and offers five different varieties of freshly brewed beer, along with a range of Asian fare at costs that don’t pinch.

Mug Shots

If you’re new to the world of freshly brewed beer, it might be a good idea to do a little tasting session before you decide on one. Just ask the good peeps at Walking Street and they’ll bring you shot glasses full of their offerings. We recommend going against your instincts to down these, and sip slowly instead.

If you want to skip this and take our word for it, opt for the Silom Wheat {this is very close in flavour to Hoegaarden} or Phi Phi Wheat if you like it light and citrusy, or the Morjim Dark or Jomtein Special if bitter is your flavour.

The Ko Samui Red didn’t appeal to us much, but since beer is an acquired taste, give it a shot.

Light Bites

Walking Street’s food menu comprises largely Asian fare and bar snacks. Take your pick from the juicy dim sums {the garlic chicken is one of the most ordered variants}, Grilled Chicken in Banana Leaf, or Schezwan Vegetables, or even a filling, comforting Clay Pot.

If you need your dose of spice with your beer, they also have the usual masala peanuts and chicken tikka.

The space is pretty huge, done up in a classy way with lots of wood and metal, along with tables made out of beer barrels. If the weather’s playing nice, we’d definitely suggest sitting out on the balcony on bar stools and watching the world pass by.


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