200 Year Old War Memorial Stands Tall in Noida Golf Course

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Since Delhi was at the centre of many a historical event, its not all too surprising when we have a run-in with a previously unknown artifact. But, smack in the middle of a golf course? That had even us calling bogey.

Not many know this, but tucked away near the 16th hole, is a pillar erected in memory of an over 200 year old event. The monument marks the spot of The Battle of Delhi in 1803, during the Second Anglo-Maratha War, between British troops and the Marathas of Scindia. Although the battle itself was fought over 200 years ago, the pillar was erected in 1916, and bears this on its plaque: ‘Near this spot was fought on September 11, 1803, the Battle of Delhi, in which forces of the Marathas, commanded by M Louis Bourquien, were defeated by the British Army under General Gerard Lake.’

The pillar itself is, approximately 35-40 feet tall is not protected by the ASI, nor finds any mention in major history books and official records. We hear for a monument to be a part of their centrally protected list, it has to be at least a 100 years old. So perhaps next year it’ll get itself protected status?

Until then, the Noida Golf Course crew does its best to protect and preserve it. And the unfortunate news is {besides how this piece of history seems to have gotten lost} that you can’t actually visit it unless you’re a member, and are playing golf. Time to start networking if you’re keen on getting a glimpse.

Where: Captain Shashi Kant Sharma, Noida Golf Course, Sector 37, Noida

Contact: 01204222111


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