This Zero-Waste Platform Turns Waste Into Functional Bags & Décor

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What Makes It Awesome

Waste management as a concept may sound intimidating. But, it doesn't have to be, if you know exactly what to do with the waste generated in your homes. Enter WasteWOW, an initiative started to help people like you and me, recycle and upcycle our waste consciously. Their objective is to reduce plastic waste that is generated heavily all over. 

These folks offer a doorstep service in Delhi NCR. Individuals can schedule a free-of-cost pick up with WasteWOW and get the waste upcycled into lifestyle products (starting at INR 100) like sling bags, hand purses, pots and planters, stools, chairs and more. What kind of plastics can you have them pick? Soft Plastics like wrappers, single-use plastic bags; Hard Plastics like shampoo bottles, beverage bottles, bottle caps and the likes. 

So, if you're in Delhi, hit these guys up and get your waste sorted. If you're looking to buy upcycled waste, you can check out their website for unique, handcrafted sling bags, pouches, planters and more. It's a great initiative towards sustainability and also paves way for a greener future, so check them out. 


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