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Shape Shifters

    Watch Your Weight Online With Shape Shifters

    Aditya posted on 11 October

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    An platform dedicated to weight loss, Shape Shifters offers clients online fitness coaching and personal training, which we thought was pretty cool. An at-home, personalised workout schedule, monitored online; we truly do live in the age of technology!

    New-Age Workouts

    Do you ever look at your friends, the ones who always find time to hit the gym or go for a run, but can’t seem to keep up a regular fitness regime yourself? We know we have that problem.

    So we were pleasantly surprised {and a little sceptical} when we checked out Shape Shifters' online coaching section. All we had to do was input our details {personal info, fitness level and goal} and then we received a customised plan.

    This plan is monitored and updated regularly via Skype and phone call—thank god, because motivation is another of our problems.

    Personalisation, One Click Away

    SG9_1826Image courtesy: Shape Shifter

    Beyond this unique fitness training programme, Shape Shifters has more to offer, like certified trainers for personal training and counselling sessions to help fine-tune your workouts . These programmes can be for one, three or five months.

    You can also shop on the online portal for supplements and a few accessories. There is a nutrition section, filled with healthy meal and drink recipes to help you watch your calorie intake, and a series of articles with tips and advice on staying fit.

    Worth A Punt

    If your current weight loss programme isn’t working for you, or you haven’t found the right motivation or push just yet, then giving Shape Shifters a try might not be a bad idea.

    We found their online coaching approach to be new and interesting, custom made for our new generation of tech-savvy, keyboard warriors.

    Find out more here. Follow them on Facebook here.

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