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Every month, raise your cocktail, beer or shot glasses at a bar we recommend, and drink!

The Space: German in flavour and inspiration, Brauhaus literally translates to beer house in English, and the 7 degrees refers to the temperature beer is perfect to be drank at. Set indoors with high ceilings, stainless steel tanks and copper brew kettles, the restaurant manages to provide a sanctuary of sorts {maybe the beers contribute}, and we’re putting it down to the giant chestnut trees, cobblestone flooring and rustic interiors, all of which contribute to giving it a sort of alfresco vibe. Patrons include all age groups, and much to our surprise, the high-traffickers do not belong to the 20-35 age bracket. Much like the crowd, the music is an eclectic mix of retro hits and more modern day rock tunes. Expect a lot of Michael Jackson, interspersed with the occasional G N’ R love ballad. But don’t you cry any night; while the weekdays are more sombre in terms of decibel levels, the weekends see sound levels cranked up, often accompanied by a live percussionist. The service is gracious and accommodating, and servers are well-versed with the food and beer menu. Don’t leave without sampling the Homemade Bratwurst, the Wunderbar and the exhaustive range of {in} famous German sausages.

What we’re drinking: If you’re a beer loyalist, meet your kindred soul. Brauhaus offers four different Bavaria Brewed beers, the 7° Lager, 7° Wheat, 7° Special and the 7° Master’s Brew. {To give you context for why the blends are titled Bavaria Brewed, almost half of all German breweries are in Bavaria, a place in Germany}. All beer is on tap, and they set up a taster for first-timers, so you can sample the different brews before you commit to one. They also have an in-house German brewmaster, who comes in twice a day to check the brewing process and blends.

For those who haven’t jumped on the beer bandwagon, they offer an innovative menu of cocktails made of freshly brewed beer. We recommend the Brauhaus’ Jager Bombs {Fresh Lager dropped on Jagermeister}, the Brauhaus’ Energy {Fresh Lager Beer dropped on Campari}, and the Brauhaus’ Horse {Fresh Dark Beer dropped on Cola}.

LBBD Tip: Revisiting the topic of the seriousness with which they take their beer, Brauhaus proudly presents the Beer Enthusiast Club, aimed at creating a community of beer enthusiasts who get together to discuss brews, Bavarian roots, malts and hops, while they sip on… one guess… beer. As a member, you’re entitled to a list of privileges, one of which includes unlimited beer at INR 750 every Wednesday. You also get a 20% discount on F&B, learn to brew with their brewmaster, and score invitations to beer tastings.

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 7° Brauhaus is the destination for beer lovers, given their exhaustive range, all on tap. For those still warming to the idea of beer, the restaurant offers some pretty inventive beer based takes on some classic cocktails. Throw in some retro hits and modern day rock tunes, and a well-versed staff, and you’ve got yourself the complete package here.

Where: 3rd Floor, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Contact {for reservations}: 0124 6672000 or mail them at

For more information and details of membership for the BEC, visit them here.