Short On Salary: Here's How To Make Extra Money

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If you have your heart set on a nifty piece of tech, or an expensive item ogles you every time you cross a shop yet are too low on cash to do anything about it, fuss not, for here are some ways you can make some extra bucks every month. You may chose to go on a shopping spree or make a sound investment in your future, money, as they say, never goes out of fashion.

Play Online Poker

The trick of becoming good at poker, as told in various movies, is to play the player rather playing the game. So, if you’re good at reading people and enjoy a game of cards, poker is a good way to introduce some money in those cash-ridden pockets. What’s more? You don’t have to travel to Goa to enjoy a game of good ol’ hold’em. You can log on to FTRPoker and start on a fresh table with other players right now. Register with the promo code LBB100, and you can avail INR 100 as bonus. First-time users can also avail a 100% bonus on their first deposit.

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Become A Blogger

The first step in becoming a successful {money-making} blogger is to have a flair for writing, followed by finding your passion and starting writing about it. You may not start earning instantly, but if you keep at it, eventually, something will give. The famous Delhi-based blogger, Harsh Agrawal, with his award-winning ShoutMeLoud blog, earns more than 4 lacs per month doing just that. The most famous blogger in India, Amit Agarwal, rakes in 40 lacs a month {wow}.  So, stop waiting and start blogging.

Start your blogging journey here.

Be A House-Host To Travellers

Travellers all around the world crave something unique when visiting a new destination; you can provide that experience right from your home, and earn some serious cash doing it. All you need is some people skills and a keen eye for spotting unique things in your city. Maybe become a host at Airbnb and start earning a little extra every month?

Become a host to travellers here.

Make Use Of The Internet

The age of internet has propelled a generation of start-ups and entrepreneurs. You can learn to develop apps and submit them on the app store, set your price and earn from in-app ads. You can also sell your old stuff online. If you want, you can even choose to become a verified seller, buying unique things for a low price and creating an online market.

Learn to develop new apps here.

Show Off Your Creative Side

The best way to earn extra every month is to make use of the skills you already have. If you have fluency in a particular subject, sign up on Tutorvista and start imparting subject-specific knowledge in exchange for money. Or sell your photos online to sites like Shutterstock and start earning royalty on every photo sold. If you’re good at writing, set up a profile  on Upwork or Elance and start working freelance for various companies and individuals.

Register to become an online tutor here.

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