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What Makes It Awesome?

Ever imagined how would it feel if you could get a plate full of quality, flavourful, delicious food but at reasonable prices, in a lovely ambience and open-air outdoor seating? Well, that must sound to you like a far fetched dream in times when quantity, quality and reasonable prices just cannot go together, all three of them are almost inversely proportional to each other. But what if we tell you that in the times when getting good quantity and quality food sounds like a luxury, there still exists a place which believes in maintaining good quantity, quality and taste while serving you delights at very reasonable prices?

Shri Ram Centre Canteen, Located amidst the hub of cultural activities, in central Delhi, is SRC canteen. This is the heavenly spot where you see quantity, taste and reasonable pricing amalgamating.

We discovered this treasure spot recently and are absolutely in love with this place. The service of this place is quick, outdoor, indoor both kinds of seatings are available. They have a decent range of delights on their menu, the menu might seem to be too basic, but trust us the food isn't when compared to the price and quantity you get.

We ordered our favourite chicken momo, both steam as well as fried. The sizes of the momos are perfect, not too small or too big. The taste is an absolute bliss and costing us only Rs. 70 for steam chicken momos and Rs. 80 for fried which is super reasonable.

We also tried chicken spring rolls, the crispy covering and the balanced and moist flavouring of chicken spring rolls was just the kind of happiness we were seeking for, at that moment.

Chicken noodles, well trust us you cannot imagine the quantity of noodles they serve, it cannot be finished by one person alone, you need at least 2 to 3 hungry humans to finish that plate. The flavours are lovely, balanced, not too oily which is also a big concern we all have while ordering street style noodles. Packed with chicken and smokey vegetables, one plate chicken noodles felt like food heaven to us.

We also tried chicken chop suey and chilli chicken, chicken pieces are huge, well marinated and perfectly cooked to retain the moisture, and the vegetables served along are smokey and delicious, the kinds which you cannot really leave on plate as leftovers after gobbling down all the chicken pieces, trust us, the vegetables are equally flavourful. Coming to chop suey, the crunchy fried noodles were perfectly cooked to make sure they are crispy and doesn’t hurt while one is munching on it. However the chicken gravy wasn't too good to be honest, after the splendid performance of the chef we had high hopes from the chicken chop suey but it disappointed us, the taste was rather bland and to make it taste good we had to mix sauces and gravy was thickened using too much cornflour than required which gave it a jelly-like texture.

They also have this amazing and refreshing nimbu pani which they serve for Rs. 20, it is a glass full of freshness and just the right amount of sugar.
Same with the coffee again priced rs. 20 had a perfectly balanced level of caffeine, milk to sugar ratio.

We are in love with this place and hope that this place maintains their quality in future for broke foodies like us to have a place to munch on without having to feel broke. We super recommend this cool hangout canteen!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae

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