We Found Breathable Curtains And Blinds That Will Help Your Home Keep Cool This Summer

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With an ever rising temperature and furnace like weather, we found some additions that will help you keep calm indoors. Window Passions has curtains, blinds made of breathable fabrics that can be combined with sun blocking layers to prevent all the heat seeping in through the windows and keep your nook protected from the scorching sun.

What Makes It Awesome?

The brand has a plethora of options that will help you express your style without having the need to say anything. Make your home a reflection of you by adding sheer curtains to keep it light and summery and layering it with a blackout lining to keep the say at bay. Don’t want to block out the sun to the T? You can even have sheer curtains with roller blinds at the back and scroll it up or down whenever you want. 

If you ask us, a little addition of some coolers on the window pane can make a substantial difference to the vibe of your nook (really). We suggest, use heavy drape curtains on areas facing direct sunlight or make use of adjustable blinds (combi blind or spectra blind), the choice is yours. Make sure whatever style you decide, choosing the right shade will make a huge difference. Go for whites, off-whites, light pastels and all shades that are bias towards the neutral palette. Best part? Window Passions have a summer special collection that has our heart. With interesting motifs on white curtains and hints of yellow to add the summery vibe (while we’re trying to keep the glaring sun outdoors), their collection is something you should definitely be checking out! 

LBBTip: While colours and covers help the most, what really helps to make indoors light and breathable is adding plants (outdoors and indoors ideally). This will help you add some shade that can reduce the direct heat of the sun.