We May Have Just Found A Solution To All Your Pigmentation Issues

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What Makes It Awesome?

That your daily skincare routine is crucial to maintaining healthy skin is a fact I can't emphasise on enough. So when I found out about Melblok, I knew it was something I'd want to try. And so I did. 

If you read up a bit about Melblok, you will know the brand promises to address all your problems related to skin darkening and pigmentation- so whether it's dark spots, blemishes, freckles, patches or acne marks, they have a solution. I started off by trying their really cute home kit of the Advanced Day Cream & Night Cream For Pigmentation. I honestly loved how light they were. The spread easily on. The skin without leaving a thick, greasy layer which is often the case with most creams and lotions. And I also started seeing a slight difference three weeks into using the products regularly. The acne marks on my face started lightening and that, to me, was a big win. And this was apart from the fact that my skin started looking and feeling healthier. The creams contain natural ingredients which work together to reduce pigmentation from the root and while you may not see the effects immediately, you will definitely see the wonders in the long run. 

Priced at INR 3,100, the kit comes with two bottles - a day and night cream, and both are super cute and easy to carry around. I totally recommend buying this product if you have pigmentation-prone skin, and I suggest you use it regularly for better, long-term results. 

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