Wedding Bells? Check Out These Websites For Digital Wedding E-vites & Save The Date Cards!

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You might love paper wedding invitations, but E-invites that most people send via WhatsApp/e-mail serve as a convenient reminder and reference for guests. Moreover, these invites are also an eco-friendly option. For those of us who are on a tight budget (and have some time to spare) free wedding/engagement invitation-making websites can be of great help. Scroll down for details on some of the best websites for digital invitation cards. While most of these provide free to download invites, some are specific design studios that charge for the customized e-invites. 

Paperless Post

It serves as a great substitute for a printed wedding invite. Guests get the card in an email that then opens to reveal a card that 'comes out of the envelope'. While their paid designs are intricate and decorative, their free design templates are beautiful too— albeit simpler. You can also add stunning envelope liners and stamps too, as well as multiple pages to your card, which means you can have a separate 'insert' for each function—Mehendi, Sangeet, Reception, etc. They’re the only website that has a dedicated section for Indian wedding invites (although most designs in this section are paid)! Which makes their templates incredibly easy to use. You can even add a Ganesh Ji logo onto your card. On Paperless Post, if you buy 1000 coins at $90, you can send E-invites for about INR 60/card (Which is a lot cheaper than high-end printed invites).

Format of Delivery: It’s an e-invite that’s shared only via email, which also means you can keep track of RSVPs by your guests.

Best For:  Save The Dates, Roka or engagement ceremony invite, full wedding cards, bridal showers, bachelor & bachelorette party invitations—they’ve got everything if you want to send an email invitation

Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Easy

Minted Weddings

They’re almost as good as Paperless Post, but their free offering is limited to bachelorette party and egagement invitations at the moment.Their free designs are really beautiful, and the online wedding invites section is also brand new. Because it’s a single page invite, you can take a screenshot of the e-vite to share with guests on Whatsapp.

Format of Delivery: An e-invite that’s shared only via email (opens up in a similar way as Paperless Post), which also means you can keep track of RSVPs by your guests.

Best For: Engagement ceremony and bachelorette parties only at the moment—to share via email or Whatsapp.

Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Moderate to easy


Canva, as well as Adobe’s Spark Post (next on the list), is essentially a website and app that makes graphic designing easy. Of course, wedding invites are one of the things you can create here. But you can’t track RSVP’s, obviously. You can add pages to your invite, which means different inserts for every function. Their paid designs are slightly better and also affordable, so you can check them out guilt-free. Or you can add everything to a single page.

Format of Delivery: Photo or PDF with multiple-pages (for a complete wedding invite) – that you can send via email or Whatsapp. They also give you a print-friendly version.

Best For: Save The Dates, engagement or roka ceremony, full wedding invites (with single and multiple-pages), destination wedding invites.

Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Moderate to easy, since they have hundreds of templates for everything. From beach weddings to boarding pass invites and even Mehendi ceremony templates + everything’s highly customisable.

Price for Paid Designs: Pay as little as INR 60 for downloading the paid designs without a watermark.

Pro-Tip: Choose a template that has space to write more text if you’re adding your entire wedding itinerary here (Engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception) – best to add all info on a single card.

Adobe’s Spark Post

It’s similar to Canva—has a website and app (only on iOS). But it has only a handful of free Save The Date templates and no easy-to-use templates for Indian wedding invites. It’s basically like an easier version of Photoshop, where you have to create something from scratch, but they have attractive fonts, elements, layout and colour palette combos that makes it easier for you to come up with a decent-looking invite. However, your design’s creativity is limited by your own imagination. So, those looking for a blank canvas with a little support (from everything except a full-on template), who don’t know how to use Photoshop, will find this awesome. Best part? Everything's free. 

Format of Delivery: Photo or animated video, so it can’t track RSVP’s.

Best For: Save The Dates, bridal shower and engagement party invites.

Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Moderate to hard.

Pro-Tip: You can either use their featured templates, or create yours from scratch—which includes finding a background image. Try searching for watercolour, flatlay, flowers and marble for interesting backdrop options for your wedding invite.

Also, try adding effects (super-easy to add!) to your invite and create a cool animated version of it to send to your wedding guests.

Wedding Wishlist

What started out as a simple gift registry brand for couples soon expanded into a full-fledged wedding service company. From creating personal wedding websites to video and e-vites, these folks are making weddings digital and surely environment friendly. They offer digital invitations in multiple formats and designs - video, animated, single and multi-page invites. They also provide customization options on the already existing cards starting at INR 999. All you've got to do is choose a desired design from their "E-invites" section, sign up on Wedding Wishlist, edit the text on the card (size of the font can be modified), save and purchase the invite. 

Format of Delivery: Post the purchase, you can share the invitation via mail. It can also be downloaded as an image and sent further. All the details on the card (except for the couples' name and wedding date) can be edited later after saving and purchasing the card. 

Best For: Save The Dates, Wedding Invitations (Multi-page invites too) and more in multimedia formats. 

Price for Paid Designs: INR 200 onwards 

Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Easy 

Pro-Tip: They also have the option of purchasing regional invites (Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Christian). Video invitations can be made using photos and music according to the customer's need. 

The Murphy Studio

If the above websites don't help much and are not close to what you're looking for then try The Murphy Studio. This Mumbai-based studio does customised e-invites. All we have to do is convey what we have in mind, whether it's an object or a place of value, and they'll design the rest. These are crafted digitally in the form of still images, animated videos and PDFs making them highly interactive. 

Format of Delivery: An e-invite which can be shared over WhatsApp, email or any other virtual mode. 

Best For:  Customized Save The Dates, Engagement Announcements and Wedding invites. 

Price for Customized Designs: Ranges from INR 3000 to INR 25,000

Pro-Tip: They take around 3 weeks to create a video invite. Since these are entirely customized, make sure enough time is given for them to create mood boards and other designs. 

Customizing Creativity

The brainchild of a couple, this lifestyle design studio in Mumbai started almost nine years ago. They do luxury wedding stationery, digital invites and more. They create video invites and other forms of e-vites based on our preferences and needs. So far they've worked on some brilliant designs and themes like Moroccan Night, Old World Charm, Vintage Map and more. Tell them your story and they'll turn it into a stunning e-invite. 

Format of Delivery: Digital stills and video invitations. Can be shared over email and other sharing platforms.

Best For: Theme based Save The Dates, Engagement invites and more. 

Price For Customized Designs: Price on request and other requirements.

Pro-Tip: Go all out with your ideas (and crazy stories) and they'll create the rest. 

Greetings Island

Baby showers to graduation to wedding invites, Greetings Island lets you send everything. They constantly emphasize on three things - customize, download and send online. They have around 400 templates which are free to download. Floral, rustic, geometric, they have tons of designs that you can customize and download. It's a paradise for those who love flowers, palm leaves and all things beachy and chirpy. 

Format of Delivery: Templates which can be downloaded as images or PDFs.

Best For: Single-page invites, Save The Dates, Announcements and more.

Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Easy 

Pro-Tip: They also provide matching RSVP cards with the templates of your choice. 

Pink Whistle Man By Ranjani

Headquartered in Mumbai, Pink Whistle Man is a highly recognized company that has aced the wedding invite game. Extremely innovative and highly engaging in nature, their e-vites come in various themes. Think retro, royal, travel-based and so much more. They also provide customization services on these digital invites.

Format Of Delivery: Editable templates starting at INR 1,200 (approximately)

Best For: Single-page invites, Save The Dates, Birthdays and more. 

Price For Customized Designs: Upon request and requirements.

Pro-Tip: These folks have some really cool travel-based invites in the form of Boarding Pass and Passports, in case you're looking for something a bit more fun.

Rohan & Aparna Invitations

Subtle and elegant, Rohan & Aparna Invitations is a luxury wedding invitations company. From gorgeous florals to traditional designs, their invites are surely distinct. Having a niche clientele, they will make sure all your requirements are met in a balanced and unique way.

Format Of Delivery: PDF E-invitations which can be shared over multiple online platforms.

Best For: Theme based wedding invites.  

Price For Customized Designs: Upon request.

Pro-Tip: They also retail corporate invitations and personalised stationery. 


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