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This Week at LBB | We Went Here, There, and Everywhere

Editors posted on 23 November

This week was about finding incredible new spaces in the city and running into political rallies gone wild. Essentially, there wasn’t a day that didn’t surprise, while the city never ceases to amaze. Here goes another week full of experiments with cooking, food tasting and splurging.

In ruins, we thrive | Went to Metcalfe's folly at the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. A folly is a modern building designed to look like a much older one. In this case, a building from the 1800s built to give a 15th-16th Century impression.



Comfort food for the LBBD interns | Exam time gets tedious, so taking a break and cooking my dad's favourite dish with him was the best stress buster ever. In love with Lemon chicken with potatoes and carrots.



HKV's getting interesting again | A new favourite spot for ethical fashion in town- Loom Mool in HKV opens its doors for connoisseurs of textile. We'll fill you in on this new space that we were the first to find in the city, so stay tuned!



… And there's more | Pocket square shopping at Lacquer Embassy, a new store in Haus Khas village, that we checked out this week.



Khub Bhalo! | Taking a cue from our Bengali 101 guide, we indulged in fish curry, aalu poshto, mirch and rice at a Bengali friends house to realise that gluttony is never a sin and Bengali food makes our week even happier.



Music gets the best of us | Magnolia sessions at Kitty Su always promise a good night for those who love to party late.



Band, baaja, but where's the baraat? | Chilling before a wedding at CR Park, we found a brass band awaiting the ghodi wala so they could reach the gates of the grooms house, where the baraat was gathered.



Aam aadmi party takes the streets | Found Arving Kejriwal campaigning in the narrow gullies of Pahargunj, while traffic on both sides remained blocked for his procession to pass.




Let's get some shoes! | A kolapuri displayed in a shop at Pahargunj is almost four feet tall and came upto shoulder level. Definitely not buying that one! {sorry- phone camera's don't do justice to this.}



Oh, hey tiger | Friends and us made our way to the Siri Fort Sports Complex for a golf lesson. This is the weather to tee-off!



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