Want A Weekend In The Hills? Head To Jalna For Chilly Weather And Carrom

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What Makes It Awesome?

True to its name, Sukoon Homestay is the place where you simply to soak in the mountains. Located at the start of Jalna town, which is three hours from Haldwani in Uttrakhand, this place is a hidden gem. A quaint house with two amazing caretakers who probably have more hospitality and warmth than trained staff.

They get fresh produce from the town market every day and cook simple yet delicious meals. It is located on a cliff cut away from everyone and all you can hear is nature. Our girl gang landed up here for a trip and we almost decided to never go back to our lives! Chilly weather, some warm red wine, a bonfire and some homemade barbecue and you're all set to retire to the mountains. In the afternoons we cosied up in our blankets, played carrom and card games.

What's My Pro Tip?

It might be tough to locate the place since the last stretch is not a proper road and you might almost feel like it can't be at the end of this road! But it is. The owner can coordinate from Delhi on call. We went during May and got rains. They experience snowfall in December/January, so plan in advance as it gets booked quickly. Carry your own booze and snacks. Food is included in the cost.

Anything Else?

Whether you want to plan a romantic weekend away or a family trip or even a friend's group, this place is amazing. No TV or wifi so ensure you go with people you want to spend the weekend with! You can go for short treks or nature walks.

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