We're Loving This Transitional Furniture By Studio Wood

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Studio Wood’s third collection of furniture, 3.Oh! comprises accent tables, cabinets, chairs, consoles and coffee tables {alliteration FTW} and we’re thinking these will make for great statement pieces in your home.

We know, we know, they’re on the more expensive side, but we’re adding these to our wish lists anyway.


If you’re looking for something that’s going to be a conversation starter, and will add some drama to your house, look no further than this entrance console, which is a raw wooden log hung on to a metal loop, with space for a pretty plant.

Price: INR 60,000


This is definitely our top pick: A bar cabinet {made with solid teak wood contrasted with vermillion metal}, an old-school brass trumpet and a 3D printed holder. It doubles up as a dock by simply sliding your mobile phone into the holder. Nope, there’sno Bluetooth or Wi-Fi—the sound just naturally gets amplified.

Price: INR 1,80,000


Also made with solid teak wood, Flump {we’re loving the name} is an upholstered rocking chair that we can totally see ourselves sitting in every evening, in front of the TV.

Price: INR 24,000


This coffee table, made using sleek metal rods accented by a raw log, is a definite statement piece. The framework of the metal is designed to reflect the weight of the log pushing down, so as to depict the effect of gravity in nature. Well, we don’t know about that, but we do know it’s stunning.

Price: INR 80,000

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