Tikkas & Tequilas: This Punjabi Bagh Bar Has Drinks On MRP & Lots Of Comfort Food

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No one parties like West Delhi and that’s why, Drinks At MRP Cafe & Bar is quite the loved neighbourhood hangout. If you’re bored of house get-togethers with theka-sourced alcohol, re-think those plans with the gang and unite here for tikkas and tequilas. 

Beer Hugs For Everyone

With a small outdoor area and a TV on every table {strange and fascinating?}, the bar stands next to the ever-so-popular Bikanerwala on the Club Road. So if you stay nearby, you’ve probably already crossed this joint a bunch of times already. Now, we’re telling you to make a pit stop. 

The menu at the rather un-innovatively named Drinks At MRP is everything you’d expect: A usual mish-mash of North Indian, Chinjabi and Italian. Are we complaining then? Not really. We’re just saying that we’d probably focus on getting our alcohol fix but we also know that there’s always that one person in the gang who always wants chakhna or gets hungry midway through the evening. For him/here the choices range between momo, kebabs, street food, biryani and pizzas and pasta.

Friends who’ve been have good things to say about the tandoori chicken {obviously}, paneer tikka, chicken wings, keema biryani and the LIIT. Feel free to experiment over and beyond but ideally, you’d be better off sticking to what they do best: North Indian.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re eating kebabs at Alkakori or packing mithai from Bikaner and suddenly have a change of heart, you know where to head for cheap drinks.


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