Love Thai Food? Head To Ziu For Air Fried Som Tam, Rice Cracker Prawns & More

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What Makes It Awesome?

There's only one place in the entire city that serves authentic and flavourful Thai cuisine without making it taste like generic food and that is Ziu at Sangam Courtyard. There are very few restaurants that I feel so strongly about and this is one of them. 

Almost everything I’ve tried here has authentic flavours and it’s been one place that hasn’t let me down in all these years. Chef Gurmehar’s brainchild, Ziu is a trendy, small, and chic restaurant and is my first choice for a pre-movie dinner at Sangam.

Chef Gurmehar has an LCB background too but the modern, light, and zesty spin that he’s given to classic Thai dishes helps it stand out in the hordes of “Mamagotos” that have cropped up in the city. Despite being a stand-alone, that’s quarter the size of its neighbour, The Fatty Bao, I’d still pick this.

I usually over-order here too because I want a little bit of everything! I generally start with their Air Fried Som Tam, which has a good spin on it. Crisp matchsticks of raw papaya are glazed with a sticky sweet and sour sauce along with cherry tomatoes. This one’s a winner and I can happily finish the whole bowl all by myself. Next up is the Chicken Coconut Crème Brûlée, which is nice as far as fusion dishes go but the winner here is their Rice Cracker Prawns. These are long stems of prawn rolled in crushed rice crackers and then fired almost to a tempura crisp and they come with a light soy-based dip. 

 As if this wasn’t enough, I never really leave this place without a helping of their Massaman curry. While they get the staple green right too, their Massaman is a rockstar. 24-hour, slow-cooked {I think it’s sous vide} lamb shank floats in a heavenly light yet crackling with flavour coconut curry. It’s best had with a small helping of Jasmine rice and maybe some Rocket Chilli Beans. 

If you are yet to discover this gem of a place, then visit and support homegrown businesses like these that are chef-driven and offer excellent food providing an absolute value for money.

Try my staple order and tell me what you think of my favourite Thai meal.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Big Group, and Family.