Who You Gonna Call? We’re Thinking One Touch Response

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We’ll be the first to admit: despite our confident claims, we don’t actually have any famous relatives who can bail us out if we hit a spot of trouble. Who we end up calling are friends that are closest to us, both emotionally and geographically, who show up faithfully for a bit of moral support if nothing else, and only limited in ability despite best intentions.

Delhi/NCR, this we know through our collective experiences to be true: Vulnerability doesn’t feel good.

Compounded with this is the uncomfortable truth that we don’t know how much we can rely on our supposedly reliable civic services. Often the last thing we want is to deal with a crude official disguised in authority. Other than the valid concern of where indeed are our taxes going, experiences prove that we’re right to be worried.

A spiffy new service called One Touch Response sets out to right these wrongs. This private security company makes its services available through an annual subscription, and promises to be one tap away via mobile app.

Run by professionals who have worked with state security and now collaborated with an Israeli firm, the strategically located OTR on-ground teams have all kinds of wisdom to deal with threats of physical intimidation, trauma & first aid, midnight crises or just generally providing an environment of safety, whether it’s checking on your house while you’re away or dealing with disillusioned stalkers whose attention is increasingly hard to ignore.

No, they will not engage in hand to hand combat on your behalf. But if you’re ever faced with the disarming prospect, these helpful gentlemen will show up to help break up the situation, coordinate with local authorities on your part, help with paperwork and basically do the smart things that typically would have only occurred to us in retrospect.

OTR can also help with emergencies like medical shortages from 8pm to 8am, or finding a local locksmith to help you get back home if you’re locked out at night. In case of a fire, a one-touch response helps because you don’t have to scavenge for the right number to dial {it’s 101, by the way} and since users are geo-tagged, there is not time wasted in explaining location.

To us, one of their best services is road safety, including preemptive efforts. For example, when travelling alone during darker hours, members can request for check-in calls. The OTR team, when notified of your travel route and method, can call you every 15 minutes to see if you’re okay, until you confirm that you’ve safely reached your destination.

While some might call it hyper cautious, we know on which side we’d rather err.

Annual packages are priced at INR 3000 for individuals but charges go down for families of four or six, and special rates apply for senior citizens.

This is the smartest money we’re going to spend this year.

For more information: Click here

Contact: 1800-4191-911

Prices: INR 3000 for individuals, INR 5000 for families up to 4 members, INR 6000 for families up to 6 members, INR 2700 for senior citizens. Corporate packages also available.