Choose Whyte Farms For Healthy, Organic Cow Milk In Gurgaon

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    This tastes different, good different! Cow’s milk tastes lighter and fresher and makes for great milkshakes though this one is best had plain—yes, we said it, plain.

    Why Whyte Farms?

    500 Dutch Holstein Friesian cows, 25 acres, fresh green grass and luxurious barns because happy cows make the best milk. These free-range cows are free to roam the pastures they stay at and aren’t pumped with hormones to produce milk.

    Apparently, it’s their chill lives that contribute to a superior quality product and it’s all there in the taste and texture. The milk is pasteurised and produced through an automated process, untouched by human hands. It is delivered within a few hours of milking and has no added preservatives or chemicals.


    You could pick it up from gourmet stores in G-Town or you could subscribe and have it delivered to your doorstep. Since the shelf life is about three-four days, delivery sure makes sense. All you have to do is go to their website and select the quantity you require on a daily delivery basis and pre-pay.

    Anything Else?

    The twin packs works out cheaper and it’s a pretty good price for fresh, pasteurised milk that’s preservative free. They also have other milk products coming soon and we can’t wait to try the yogurt.

    Order online here.

      Available Online