Beat The Heat! Ditch Those Fizzy Drinks & Get These Flavoured Vitamin Drinks!

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What Makes It Awesome

Picture this - it's 47 degrees outside, you've just finished working out and you're looking for a chilled glass of juice. When you can't find it, you make do with a highly-sweetened fizzy drink that defeats the entire purpose of exercising. Well, not anymore. Wild Water is a beverage brand based out of Delhi that manufactures water-based Vitamin Drinks free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. 

A venture of Beltek Canadian Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Wild Water does flavoured Vitamin Water in four variants, Coconut Water and Iced Tea. The Uplift Blueberry flavoured one if full of essential vitamins that will help kick-start your day with a zing. For all the times we ditched eating those green leafy veggies, these folks provide a tastier alternative. Their Radiance Vitamin Drink has both oranges and mangoes in it giving us the best of both - calcium and vitamin D. Their lemonade flavoured drink is an instant energizer which works great as a post-workout drink. 10 on 10 to this one for being flavourful and healthy. Who doesn't love dragonfruits? That delicious sweet with a creamy texture, similar to that of kiwis is great. And what's better than getting to drink it? Their Active Lining Dragonfruit drink is dense with vitamins and is also a good source of magnesium. We're definitely stocking quite a few of these. It might take some time to get accustomed to how coconut water tastes, but once you do, you'd want to have almost every day. Their 200ml bottle will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Their Ice Teas come in two variants - Green and Black. We're betting on the Green Ice Tea which has hints of honey, mint and ginseng. 

These are currently only available to shop on Amazon and some local grocery stores. They're available to buy in a pack of 24 bottles priced at INR 1,320.

What Could Be Better

We wish they would start retailing these drinks on their website since it's easier to navigate and we get to choose the quantity. 


But hey, you can shop for them right here on LBB!


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