Treat Yo' Self To A Memorable Meal At This Safdarjung Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

As much as I love the music and the choice of gigs at The Piano Man Jazz Club, the evening is never complete without a meal {and a couple of rounds of their Old Fashioned} at Dirty Apron, upstairs. Hipster chic and generally buzzing, their new menu has everything that a global cuisine can inspire, with a special emphasis on Asian food and alternative grains as well as quite a few vegan option, which by the way are very well put together.

On cold days, stick with their cheese fondue which comes with options like basil and garlic, red chilli, thyme & sweet onion and Mustard, for me, it's sweet onion and mustard all the way. If you're in a group then go all out and don't miss the Korean hot dogs with Asian coleslaw served and kimchi aioli and the Sushi tacos which are nori taco shells, sticky rice and pickled vegetables and tempura of your choice. There are actually over two dozen options, so every meal at Dirty Apron can be an entirely new experience. For the next meal, my recco would be the bacon wrapped water chestnut which has chestnuts wrapped in crispy bacon grilled with BBQ sauce and the honey orange firecrackers. For mains there are as many choices, go for the red curry marinated grilled lamb chops, roast pork loin served with vegetable spaghetti and miso & cream jus and the spectacular meen moilee black rice risotto which has a crunch of coconut pieces that’s quite a delicious surprise.

For vegetarians, their burrito bowl that has Mexican beans, grilled chicken, Mexican rice, corn and salsa and the blackened tofu with togarashi sauce on the bed of spinach and sesame udon noodle is simply perfect!

What Could Be Better?

My experience has never left me expecting more - though there are evenings when the restaurant is full up and you wish that it had loads more space!

What's My Pro Tip?

Parking here can be tricky, since gig nights always pack in a crowd, take a cab or hire a driver for the day because the new menu is un-miss-able!

Anything Else?

They have a gluten-free menu which features a Focaccia Bahn mi, Kodo millet risotto with mushroom and peas and a coconut lime chicken for which you needn’t even be gluten intolerant. Also, complete your Dirty Apron experience with their churros bowl or the Japanese triple chocolate cheesecake or both.

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼